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Tulle Ribbon

Tulle is an inexpensive method for enriching floral arrangements, wedding decorations and other special occasions. Our wholesale tulle is available as tulle bolts, tulle spools and tulle circles.

  • 54" Tulle
    $25.38 Choose Options 54" Tulle
    54" tulle bolts are perfect for display purposes, including party, special events and caterers. A tulle bolt also works well for bridal veils. 100% Nylon
  • 6" Tulle
    $2.50 Choose Options 6" Tulle
    6" tulle spools are popular for table skirting, decorating trellises, wedding favors, costume decorating and gift wrapping. 100% Nylon
  • 9" Tulle Circle
    $2.31 Choose Options 9" Tulle Circle
    Plain edge 9" tulle circles are a perfect compliment to any wedding. Use them for wedding favors, corsages, bouquets, rice bags, bows and more. 100% Nylon

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